Campaign to Fight HB 294

Protect Our Freedom to Vote

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What’s this campaign all about?

The Ohio legislature is rolling out a Trojan Horse for voting rights… Let us explain:

After conducting one of the most secure elections in Ohio’s history in 2020, the state legislature just introduced HB 294, a voting reform bill that adds some potentially good provisions, including automatic voter registration and online absentee ballot requests. 

But the bill also includes a host of anti-voter provisions like limiting access to ballot drop boxes, imposing confusing voter-ID requirements, cancelling early voting the Monday before Election Day, and shortening the absentee ballot request period, to name a few.

By using a few common-sense reforms as cover, the legislature is setting a trap for Ohio voters. Even though HB 294 includes some common-sense updates, Ohio voters shouldn’t be fooled into supporting this bill. At the end of the day, the bill restricts our freedom to vote by:

  • Limiting drop boxes – onsite at Board of Elections for use 10 days before Election Day and NONE REQUIRED.
  • Shortening absentee ballot request deadline from 3 days before Election Day to 10 days
  • Canceling early voting the Monday before Election Day
  • Imposing a confusing 3 tiered ID requirements for absentee ballots
  • Prohibiting pre-paid postage
  • Tossing absentee ballots not sealed in 2 envelopes

If we unite our voices and hold our leaders accountable, we can keep the good and throw out the bad in this bill. Will you contact your state legislators and demand they remove any deliberate barriers to voting?