Demoracy is Good for Business FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Democracy is Good for Business?

Democracy is Good for Business (DGB) is a campaign of the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, a network of non-partisan voter advocates dedicated to ensuring that our elections are modern, secure and accessible to all Ohioans. We engage Ohio business leaders in taking a stand in support of pro-democracy reforms and urge them to use their influence to prevent free and fair elections from being undermined.

What’s the challenge with voting rights and how can businesses help?

In order for democracy to work for all of us, it must include all of us. The voting process should be simple, convenient, and fair for everyone. Unfortunately, lawmakers all across the country have been placing more barriers to the ballot box. Attempts to silence Black and Brown voters, students, voters with disabilities, low-income Ohioans, and seniors cannot be tolerated.

Business leaders all over the country are banding together to promote equal access to the ballot. When all the voices in our communities are heard, there is a significant positive ripple effect on our economy. As a business leader, you have the power to protect our freedom to vote and ensure that our state is among the best places to do business, work, and live. 

Why is joining the coalition an easy choice for your business?
  • Affirms your existing company values 
  • Supports your workforce by taking a stand to ensure they have a voice in their communities
  • Creates a welcoming environment that encourages the best and brightest talent to call Ohio home
  • Supports your consumer base by showing that you care about protecting voting freedoms for a diverse range of Ohioans, including Black and Brown, young and old, rural and urban voters.
  • Grows your bottom line, as consumers feel more positively about companies that support pro-voter policies
  • Costs you nothing to join the coalition
What is the request?

Lend the power and influence of your name and brand by agreeing to be listed as an DGB coalition member on DGB materials and related media. There’s no cost to join.

How do we sign on?
What if I have additional questions?

Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity!