Business Coalition Members

A strong, inclusive democracy is good for business. When all the voices in our communities are heard, there is a significant positive ripple effect on our economy.  Visitors feel welcome, bringing vital tax and tourism dollars that benefit our communities. Residents feel valued and invest in living and working in a place where every person can thrive.

Bottom line: we grow our economy by protecting our freedom to vote.  This is a win-win proposition: we, as business leaders, use our positions of power for good, and in return we grow our bottom line.

Ohioans can be proud that we have an election system that is safe and secure. We join private-sector business leaders from all over the country who are banding together to oppose lawmakers’ efforts to restrict our right to vote. 

Attempts to disenfranchise Ohio voters are not “election reform” and will not be tolerated. We stand opposed to restrictive ID requirements and cuts to early voting methods. We will not accept attempts to silence Black and Brown voters, students, voters with disabilities, low-income Ohioans, active duty military, rural voters and seniors. Instead of taking us backwards, we need to move Ohio forward by making voting more accessible to all Ohioans.

As Ohio business leaders, we call on Ohio lawmakers to stand up for democracy. 

A recent poll from the Civic Responsibility Project found that 82% of Americans would feel more favorable towards a company that supports policies to make it easier for Americans to vote and register to vote, including more than seven in ten Republicans and nine in ten Democrats. Six in ten Americans would consider buying a product or using a service from a company that spoke out against restrictive voting laws.

Business is Leading the Way

Business has a unique opportunity to lead. Since the passage of restrictive voting legislation in Georgia, more than 200 companies spanning a variety of sectors have spoken out in defense of voting rights. From major sports leagues like Major League Baseball to financial institutions like Bank of America, companies are voicing opposition to measures that restrict voting access, with significant implications for state economies. Ohio business leaders can lead by asking for simple solutions to modernize our elections. Learn more here.

May 2, 2021 | Columbus Dispatch

Opinion: Ohio must keep elections free and fair (Guest Column by Alex Fischer, Columbus Partnership)

From our board rooms to our kitchen tables, voting rights are being debated in light of other states’ haphazard voting legislation proposals. Thankfully, Ohio’s election policies have historically been more innovative and inclusive than in other states and we must protect them.

Forward-thinking practices including four weeks of early voting, absentee ballot tracking capabilities, weekend voting and a bipartisan county board of elections decision-making process have ensured secure elections while also increasing voter turnout. This commitment to expanding access while maintaining security must remain at the heart of our election laws. Leaders in the business community are aware that voting rights legislation may soon be introduced in the Ohio General Assembly. We are proud of Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s commitment to bipartisan voting legislation. Read the full editorial here.