About Us

We are Ohio's coalition of voter advocates dedicated to ensuring that our elections are modern, secure and accessible to all Ohioans.

Our work is motivated by the firm belief that our democracy is strongest when it includes us all. Accordingly, we prioritize supporting communities that are most likely to experience barriers to voting —  young voters (18-35), low-income, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), as well as voters with disabilities, rural voters who may lack access to broadband or transportation, unhoused voters, and citizens for whom English is not a first language. We strongly believe that when we all have access to the ballot and make our voices heard, we create a democracy that is more just, equitable, inclusive and reflective of the values we want to see in the world. 

OVRC also advocates for increased fairness and transparency throughout government to ensure that when we vote, our elections are meaningful. That means pushing to shine a light on the dark money that distorts our elections, and advocating for campaign finance, ethics, and redistricting reform to ensure our elected officials are accountable first and foremost to their constituents. 

Using Our Power and Reaffirming Our Nonpartisanship

OVRC operates in a non-partisan manner, which means we do not support or oppose candidates for public office. Maintaining a strictly non-partisan stance is one of our greatest sources of power.  We are able maximize our impact by conducting outreach and advocacy across ALL sectors, interest groups, and political affiliations. Modernizing election laws, administration and infrastructure for all Ohioans, afterall is an important goal, regardless of which party currently holds power in the Ohio Statehouse. Additionally, our non-partisan status allows us to  be trusted messengers in our communities and reach Ohioans who are often not engaged by political parties or other mobilization efforts.

Our Partners